Saturday, January 15, 2011

Decisiones Extremas

i watched another episode of Decisiones extremas. They are very much extreme!!! Theres an episode that involves a weird realm of incest and it was intense and really graphic. Latinos are often portrayed as over the top in the way the talk, dress sometimes, etc. In this series it is the rational and crazy decisions that they make for example Sergio sexually abuses his stepsister Vanessa just because. They seem abnormal and off the wall although that is the purpose of the series it does make implications about the culture. Things that kept popping into my mind especially when Vanessa kept saying no when Sergio continued to hit on her was people in real life don't do that. Because I am part African-american I think black people wouldn't do that and if whites were to see it it evokes the same kind of response, whether or not it evokes the kind of opposite thought is well yea I can see latinos doing something like that I personally didn't experience but it makes me wonder.

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